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Feb 24

Don’t be Normal!

    Don’t be normal What is normal anyway? I have read a lot of autobiographies of millionaires, and entrepreneurs, and one thing that they all had in common was, none of them are seen to be normal. Each of them felt that they did not fit into society in some way. Maybe their friends …

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Feb 17

Learning To Admit Your Wrong!

Learning to Admit Your Wrong!

Learning to admit your wrong! Now this is one of my most difficult things I have to come to terms with. Learning to a admit I can be wrong sometimes. ‘Not me, I can’t possibly of ,made a mistake?’ Well the other day, just to illustrate ,my point I went to the cash point (atm) …

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Jun 17

What Is The Coaching Life Like For The Coach?

What Is The Coaching Life Like For The Coach?

What Is The Coaching Life Like For The Coach? The coaching life I’m sure is very different for different coaches, but I can only comment on mine.  So here is a little insight into my day and my coaching life. I wake at five a.m..  Yes I do!  Now I know there may be some …

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May 01

What are goals in life? Become relentless in your pursuit of success!

What is your goal?

Are you in pursuit of your success?  What are your goals in life?   Become Relentless: Decide what you want from life by setting yourself goals (I will cover goal setting in another week) Once you have decided what you want from life and you are absolutely certain then become RELENTLESS in pursuing your dreams. …

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Apr 27

Is your life a ‘lazy garlic’ life, or do you like to prepare the garlic yourself?

Is your life lazy garlic?

What kind of life do you lead, or have you led in the past? You may think I’ve gone mad, but no!  I was at mothers house the other  day and I spotted a jar called ‘Lazy Garlic’.. She also had one called ‘Lazy Ginger’! Well those jars inspired todays blog post about making those changes in …

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