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Jun 17

What Is A Life Coaching Program?

What is a Life Coaching Program?

What Is A Life Coaching Program?   Life Coaching Programs What is a Life Coaching Program?   Most Life coaches offer life coaching programs/packages. These packages are to encourage their client to make a full commitment to their transformation. Most coaches do not offer coaching on an hourly basis.  This is because the coach knows …

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Jun 17

How Much Are Life Coaching Fees?

Life Coaching Fees

How Much Are Life Coaching Fees? Life coaching fees really vary from coach to coach. The life coaching fees can depend on the qualification of the coach (sometimes not always) .  It can also be based on the success that they have had with previous clients.  Their results speak for themselves. Often coaches base their …

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Apr 27

Is your life a ‘lazy garlic’ life, or do you like to prepare the garlic yourself?

Is your life lazy garlic?

What kind of life do you lead, or have you led in the past? You may think I’ve gone mad, but no!  I was at mothers house the other  day and I spotted a jar called ‘Lazy Garlic’.. She also had one called ‘Lazy Ginger’! Well those jars inspired todays blog post about making those changes in …

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Apr 16

Money I Need it! Or do You?

Money Do I Need It?

  Money How much do you Need it? All of us dream of the day when we will be financially secure and free from debt.  We often believe that this will never happen in our lifetime. But it is possible…. Lets begin. What is money and how much do you need?? We all know that …

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