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Georgie Loney

Before I was coached by Tricia, I was un-confident and had a lot of doubt in myself. 

She explained the coaching process thoroughly and was completely non-judgemental and professional.

Now after just six sessions I have succeeded in areas, I never thought possible and my confidence and self-esteem have rapidly improved.  I would definitely recommend coaching with Tricia.

Georgie Loney, Trainee Accountant & Miss Bedfordshire 2012/13
Francis Kari Kari

Before taking my coaching sessions I was really struggling with life’s challenges.  I was really naïve about all my problems.  I was a bit of a procrastinator too.  I would always wonder why nothing worked out in my favour.

After my sessions with Tricia, it made me realise how simple it all was to overcome all of life’s worries, and build on what you’ve got and what life has to offer.  At the moment of writing this, I feel I am on the right track to better myself and also build on what life is offering me.

I am now starting to see the benefits of our coaching together. I feel happy within myself, all thanks to Tricia for her great help and inspiration.  I would like to commend her for making my dreams become a reality.

Francis Kari Kari, Travel And Tourism - London
Emily Bratt

Tricia Has really helped me re-evaluate certain situations in my life.  She has shown  me  a different way of looking at things that I wouldn’t have been able to do on my own. I really enjoyed talking to her . She is very friendly and enthusiastic but professional at the same time. 

 From working with Tricia I have learnt to look at problems from a different perspective.  I have learnt to question some of the things I think and the way in which I think.  I now feel more confident.

Emily Bratt, London
Chris Kinyua

Coaching with Tricia helped me identify the areas of my life that needed improvement.  It made me stop procrastinating and work towards the changes I needed. 

Coaching helped me to identify my passions and hobbies I could explore outside of work.

I would definitely recommend Tricia to other people because she is very professional, open and approachable.  She has a great sense of humour and this makes her easy to talk to about a wide range of subjects.  I would recommend coaching with Tricia to anyone who would like to improve any aspect of their lives.

Coaching with Tricia improved my self confidence and drive.

Chris Kinyua, Market Analyst - Southend-On-Sea
Katy Hulbert

Coaching with Tricia helped me to feel much more confident about my abilities, and to face my fears.  She helped me to look at what was going on in my life in a different way.  Which really helped.

Tricia is approachable and friendly.  She gave me the confidence to try out things we discussed.

After coaching with Trish I felt empowered and much more confident to face and resolve my issues myself.  I looked forward to the next session so we could discuss how I done since the previous week.

I would recommend Tricia to anyone who is going through a difficult period in their lives.  Initially I didn’t understand the coaching process but as we went along I began to see it working.

Katy Hulbert, Care Assistant - Kent






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