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Dec 09

Do You Have The X Factor? Or Do You Have Success Factors?


Do You Have The X Factor? Or Do You Have Success Factors?


Success factors

Have you got the Success Factors!

You don’t need to be the X Factor, You need to use your Success Factors.


I don’t know if your the sort of person to watch the X factor, but here in the UK it is very popular.  I personally will watch if there is an amazing performer who is outstanding.

I often feel that the poor contestants are used to make money for the production company, who know that most human beings will do anything to feel a success.

All of us have inside us the X factor and are able to succeed without the need of a television show to assist us.

So what are Success Factors?

Many people believe that they will become a success when all the pieces fall in to place.  Maybe when you lose weight, or change your job, or have a certain amount of money in your account.

Will you feel like you have succeeded?  We all have the success factors inside us.  They are the things that give us the strength and willingness to get up and get on with life whatever hits you.

Success Factors = Strength

Maybe you feel that you are not very strong or that you have not been through as much as some people  have in life.  Why would you judge what you have been through in life with others hardships?  If you have had any situation in your life (whatever it was) that caused you to have to get back up, dry your eyes and push forward, then you have the success factors

There will be times when you feel that you were not as strong as you could have been.

Do not beat yourself up

We are not strong, all the time, sometimes we have to be a bit weak, and stay in a bad situation for some time before we stand up, and say “NO MORE”!

This is because there is a lesson to be learned from this circumstance.  You may to have to go through the same thing, several times before you feel that you have learned to stand up for yourself.

Sometimes you have not reached the point in your life when you are ready for a change.  There could be some lessons that still need to be learned in order to become the success you crave so much.

What if you won the lottery  but had no idea how to look after money.  Do you think that the money would last and all of a sudden you would learn to be a wise investor.

No of course not.  You would probably blow the lot on expensive material things, in the hope of feeling happier.

Now if you had a lot if mistakes with money as a youngster, credit card debts, buying on hp when you couldn’t afford the repayments.   Don’t you think that these previous mistakes, would help you in the future learn to handle money better?

Your weakness has now become your strength, your Success Factors.


Keep pushing forward a don’t give up on your dreams.

Tricia x



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