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Mar 28

What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?

Accept Weaknesses and Strengths

Making use of and changing your weaknesses and strengths

strengths weaknesses

what are your weaknesses?

All of us though we don’t like to admit it have things that we are good STRENGTHS , at and others that hold us back time and time again WEAKNESSES.

My Mum is an awful time keeper and if she says six it will be closer to half six and then she will ring and tell you all the reasons she did not make it for six, making herself even later.

Accept your weaknesses…

Now imagine if she had learn’t to deal with and recognise this problem a lot earlier in her life.  Maybe if she had accepted that she was rubbish at time keeping  her twenties she could have found a way to tackle it.

The same goes for my daughter.  Her friends stopped inviting her places because she would keep them waiting for hours while she got dressed.  The worst occasion was when she was so late for her birthday lunch that by the time she arrived the rest of us had eaten and were on our way home.

She now has learn’t the hard way that this was her biggest weakness and that she needed to tackle it head on.  Life has much improved.

The only way to tackle your weaknesses is to be completely honest with yourself.  Sit down and write a list of what your good at and what you need to deal with.

Here’s my list that I compiled a couple of years ago.  (By the way ask your family and friends they are usually more honest than you)

  • Lack of Savings
  • Late waking up
  • Bad dreams
  • Overspend when depressed
  • Procrastinator
  • Lack of exercise
  • Bad diet
  • Tired
  • Eating Take aways
  • Loved buying things on QVC shopping channel

Well that’s my weaknesses, pretty grim eh!!

Work with your strengths

Now the strengths:

  • Good at making stuff
  • Make people laugh
  • Look quite young for my age
  • Good mum (most of the time)
  • Good cook
  • Intelligent
  • Good at organising
  • Well behaved family
  • Broug

    What are your strengths

    ht children up on my own

  • Decorated whole house on own several times
  • Very independent
  • Like to learn
  • Loyal friend

Well that’s better, now the weaknesses don’t seem so bad.

Next I decided that my worst weakness was and concluded that getting up in the morning affected my whole day.  I made this my number one priority for the next month.

May I say at this point, don’t go mad, just try to deal with one thing at a time.  It will take time to change things you have done for years so don’t overload yourself at the beginning.

For the next month I would jump out of bed as soon as I woke up.  This was extrememly hard, but within a couple of weeks I would wake up a five thirty and jump straight up before I had the chance to think ‘Oh just another five minutes’ or I’ll just finish the dream I was having’.

Do you know what I realised?

I had missed the best part of the day.  These were hours wasted.  I got loads of things done before I went to work and I got a bit of peace before the kids woke up!

My biggest weakness became a strength

After waking up became a habit I then decided that some of my other problems all stemed from the same thing.  My lack of good eating patterns was making me tired and giving me bad dreams.  I was too tired to cook when I got home and so it was take away time and of course this made me more tired.

Well  I used the extra time in the morning to prepare lunch and dinner so I was not tempted to buy take away when I got home.  The lack of sugar in my diet made me feel more awake and eventually the exercise followed naturally as I had more energy.  I started walking to work which meant by the time I reached work I had already done half my exercise for the day.  I lost weight and began to feel much better about myself.

Can you see that just making a few little changes in your life can make all the changes eventually.  Just tweaking what your good at, and what your not so good at makes all the difference.

We have done the same in our family, my son hated the bin overflowing so its natural that he should be in charge of putting out the rubbish.  I hate the kitchen being messy so I clean that.  My middle daughter is great at doing the youngers one hair so she would do her hair for school in the morning.  It makes you a stronger unit and makes the kids feel like they contribute (whether they want to or not)!!!!

Finally I had to deal with my overspending on QVC.  That was easy I just stopped watching it.  Simple but effective and told myself that I could live without the colour co-ordinated kitchen knives and the latest plumping/lengthing mascara.   Oh the pain….!!!


So that’s it in a nutshell.  Be brutally honest with yourself and others in your family.  Have a family analysing session and decide who is good/bad and at what.  Then tackle your worst weakness first and keep going so that its no longer a problem.  Put all your heart and soul into making the change, and very soon it will become a habit which will be hard to reverse.

Did you know that if you do something long enough your body and mind makes it a habit and then it is a lot harder to go back.  Give yourself some good reasons why you need to change aswell.  Talk to your sub conscious and convince it of  all the good reasons you need to do this and what you will gain from making the change.

Take Care Friend

Tricia x



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