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Feb 24

Don’t be Normal!


Don’t be normal

What is normal anyway?

I have read a lot of autobiographies of millionaires, and entrepreneurs, and one thing that they all had in common was, none of them are seen to be normal.

Each of them felt that they did not fit into society in some way.

Maybe their friends were all going to pubs and pulling girls/boys as youngsters, and they were busy at work, or building a business.

People who are on a different path in life often feel that they are different from others that they don’t fit in.

This may be true but it is not necessarily a bad thing .

What is normal anyway?

Most of us expect that to have two children, and be married, working for a living,  is what is considered normal.

May be you never fitted into this category.  You could have felt different from the rest of your family.

I spent many hours as a child sitting in my room thinking their was something wrong with me,

I was different from my family.

Now as an adult I realise that what made me unusual ,was a good thing and not a negative, as I had been led to believe as a child.

Many people end up in prison because they were mis-understood as children, and this gets out of hand, and their talents are not nurtured.

Many of us spend many years trying to please others, and not ourselves.  We may take a job that we don’t like.  Or study a subject that we are not interested in, just because our parents think it would be a good idea.

If many of us,(including myself) had followed our passions as youngsters without any intervention, just imagine what different lives we would have now!

Then there is the other side of the coin where others put so much pressure on you to conform, that you end up rebelling.

This can end in having the opposite effect, as in my own case…

My parents wanted me to be a lawyer because my Dad was.  All they did was act as if this was my only option.

I did the typical teenage thing, and went against their wishes.  I did not want to be a lawyer ,or go to Oxford ,or Cambridge.  In fact I had no idea what I wanted to do at that age.

Now if my parents had looked at me hard, they would have realised that I was always writing poems, and stories.  I liked to draw, and make things. I loved to dance, and would spend most evenings in the dining room, practicing my moves. I would often make stuff, and sell it to my friends. (The young entrepreneur).

Of course (no fault of their own) my parents, never saw these as talents to be nurtured,and I did worse and worse at school.  I didn’t do my homework, and fell behind with my exams.

Despite being a very bright child I managed to leave school with no exam results.

I can see looking back that I deliberately set myself up to fail.  I did not want to live someone else’s dream.  I wanted to live my  own!

In the process I made my own life harder, as I had to study when I was older, and had a family.

From a very young age I had been creative, and enjoyed writing.  I never knew how to utilise this talent though, and was not encouraged at home.

The trouble is with this situation, is that the child feels like they have failed ,and they are not good enough.  They have not been taught  that  their interests, are just as important as anyone else’s.

Alan Sugar used to buy and sell things from a young age. 

He also horrified his father by leaving  a good job, and going for one he really wanted.  This was’ not normal’, when he was young, as most people stayed in the same job for all of their adult lives.

The important thing to remember as you make changes in your life, is that if you have ever felt that you ‘don’t fit in‘, or that you are different, from your friends and family.  This is not a bad thing at all.  May be you don’t seem to fit into your social group, or seem the ‘odd one out’, in your work mates.

You are different!

This is what is going to take you one step further, than your friends and family.  Only you will understand this, but you are the one, who is going to go far.  You may well be a slow starter, or don’t know what you want in life until later ,in your life, then most.  May be you have always known what you want in life ,and have not felt you have the support of others.

Now is the time not to allow ,anyone or anything, to prevent you from making the moves you need, to change your life.  Only you know what your passion is, and what makes you feel happy.  Never allow anyone else’s opinion to affect your life, again!

It may have been a long time coming but you must realise that you need to be different so that you don’t fit in to convention.

Who wants a normal life anyway?

Certainly not me.

I want to show the others who doubted me, that I am different, and it’s much better than living a boring conventional life.




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