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Jun 17

What Is A Life Coaching Program?

What Is A Life Coaching Program?


What is a Life Coaching Program?Life Coaching Programs

What is a Life Coaching Program?


Most Life coaches offer life coaching programs/packages.

These packages are to encourage their client to make a full commitment to their transformation.

Most coaches do not offer coaching on an hourly basis.  This is because the coach knows that the transformation of the client usually occurs several weeks into the coaching commitment.

Coaches will offer one off sessions, maybe VIP half days or VIP whole days, but this is for clients who want very specific results fast.


The coaching process can be very deep, and like an onion as you peel off one layer other issues arise that need to be dealt with, before pushing forward.

Coaches often offer coaching in programmes or packages e.g. 3,6,9, sessions long.  Or they charge by the month, with certain amount of sessions a month allowed.  Some coaches offer email support or additional telephone calls as part of the deal.


By offering programmes or packages, it is usual for the coach to offer a discount, as the amount is paid upfront.  The discount tends to be larger as the amount of sessions purchased grows.  This means that the coach does not have to invoice the client, at regular intervals, and that the client is fully invested in the coaching program.  His helps the coach with commitment to change from the client and shows the coach that the client is fully commited.

Most coaches offer a money back guarantee.  This can differ from coach to coach but it offers the client the opportunity to money back if they feel coaching is not for them.  This means that the coach does not have to deal with time wasters and un-committed clients and the clients are aware that the responsibility for their change lies with them, with the assistance of the coach.

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