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Jun 17

How Much Are Life Coaching Fees?

How Much Are Life Coaching Fees?

Life Coaching FeesLife coaching fees really vary from coach to coach.

The life coaching fees can depend on the qualification of the coach (sometimes not always) .  It can also be based on the success that they have had with previous clients.  Their results speak for themselves.

Often coaches base their fees on whether they coach face to face, in their local area, or online coaching, or on the telephone.  Even online life coaches can have VIP days where their client pays to have the coaches  undivided attention for the day.  Therefore these fees will be higher, but worth the investment.

Check out your coaches website and see what they are offering and how much they charge.  Most don’t charge by the hour as they are encouraging their clients to get results.  Therefore they will sell their coaching in packages of e.g. 3, 6, 9, sessions.  This helps the clients to see results and the client will want to push forward as they have made a financial commitment.

Most coaches have invested thousand of pounds/dollars in their training.  Not to mention several years of their lives, to get to the level where they feel they can help others.  Most coaches continue with their studying of the subject and attend further education well after accreditiaion.  This is to help their clients and to further their skills.  This training is reflected in their fees.

Most coaches will offer a discovery session.  This can be anywhere from a thirty to one hour free session.  This is used as a tool for the client to see if they feel comfortable with the coach and for the coach to see if the client is coachable.

Be wary of coaches who appear to good to be true.  If their fees seem so reasonable that you can’t believe it, then be cautious.  Some coaches don’t charge what they are worth, but some don’t think they are worth charging the correct amount.  They under cut themselves to gain more clients.  This leads to an overworked and overwhelmed coach.

Coaches like to have a  top limit to the amount of people they coach a week, as the process requires a lot of skill.  If you can imagine talking to people about their desires and goals and why they haven’t reached them, can be very straining on the coach.  Most professional coaches will prepare for half an hour before the session with the client, so that their mind is clear and they can give the client their full attention.

Coaching is a investment to the client of time and money.  The client must be fully ready to make changes in their life and be ready to create the life of their dreams.  Is this you?

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