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Feb 17

Learning To Admit Your Wrong!

Learning to Admit Your Wrong!Learning to admit your wrong!

Now this is one of my most difficult things I have to come to terms with.

Learning to a admit I can be wrong sometimes.

‘Not me, I can’t possibly of ,made a mistake?’

Well the other day, just to illustrate ,my point I went to the cash point (atm) machine in the town center.

I had borrowed £20 from my daughter earlier in the week, and I was on the way to meet her.  I decided to take out £50 as were going to get a bite to eat.

I put in my card and requested the £50.  I was on the phone, to my daughter, at the time.  My card came out and then two ten pound notes followed.  I waited for a minute, looking at the slot.  Where was my other £30 I thought.  Nothing!

Where’s my money!!

I was telling my daughter what was going on at this point.  So I did the obvious thing, I swore at the machine.

It still didn’t cough up…

Then I hit it ( as you do in these circumstances)

At this point, I was angry because this had happened to me before, and when I received my bank statement, it had taken the full amount from my account.

It wasn’t my bank I was taking the money from ,so I told my daughter to order the drinks, and that I would be late, and I was just going to the bank, to get a statement so I could see how much had been taken out.

I stomped off down the road….

Some poor man approached me with a clip board, to sign up for a charity direct debit, and I think he could tell my face that I was not a good prospect.  He turned round and grabbed someone else.

I got to the bank and took out a mini statement.  By this time I was very angry, I did not have the money to lose at this time.

Guess what??

Only £20 had been taken from my account.  I was still angry though.  When I met my daughter, she said ‘Is it possible that you pressed the wrong amount Mum?’

‘No way, I said I’m not dumb’!  As I sat and ate my meal,it slowly dawned on me ,that it was very possible that I had pressed the wrong amount.

 I wanted to be right though. 

Then I wouldn’t look stupid!

It was my mistake though (that was hard to write), and I found it very hard to admit.  It is all too easy to blame the problems, of our lives on others.

It takes the pressure off us.  The hard thing ,when you decide that you want a change in your life, will be to look back and admit, that the life you are living now is your own doing.

You created the way you are living, the finances you have etc.

I ended up owing thousands of pounds, when I separated from my husband.  He stole some and squandered the rest.

How could this be my fault you say???

Bad choices….

I did not take the time to get to know him before I married him, and consequently married a man who was willing to steal from his own family.  The warning signs were there, if I’m honest.  I chose to ignore them, hoping things would change.

Be honest with yourself, what have you caused in your life, what could have been different.  Just make the decision that now is the time to right those wrongs,and strive for a different life.

You will still make mistakes, just learn from them and move on.

Do me a favour though!  Don’t be stubborn like me, admit you were wrong.  Life runs so much smoother when you do!




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