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Apr 27

Is your life a ‘lazy garlic’ life, or do you like to prepare the garlic yourself?

What kind of life do you lead, or have you led in the past?

Is your life lazy garlic?

Is your life lazy garlic?

You may think I’ve gone mad, but no!  I was at mothers house the other  day and I spotted a jar called ‘Lazy Garlic’.. She also had one called ‘Lazy Ginger’!

Well those jars inspired todays blog post about making those changes in your life…


Lazy Garlic is a pre-prepared chopped garlic preserved in oil, ready to use straight from the jar!

Do you like to prepare your Garlic?  Or do you like it there ready in the fridge for your use.

I have not gone mad here is what I mean!

Is there something you crave desperately to change in your life?  Im sure there is something that frustrates you, your work, your fianances, your weight.!

If you are the Lazy Garlic kind of person you will expect that everything will fall into place, that it will all work out for the best.  You spend most of your time dreaming about the life you want without putting in the preparation.

Hard work and preparation is key..

The only way to succeed in life is to accept that not every road is going to be easy, there will be a degree of hard work and preparation involved.  These hard times prepare us for what is to come.

What is the point of giving someone with no financial sense a load of money?  What do you think happens?  Do you think they become sensible with money overnight??

If you truly want a change you have to do the preparation.  Sort out your mis-givings.  Get yourself and your mindset ready for what is to come.

Yes you need to chop your own Garlic, before you are blessed with the ready preapred stuff in the jar.

Only when you are prepared to do the groundwork to change your life will you be blessed with an easier option.  When your ready,!!  Not before!

So go out and chop your Garlic so that you may be blessed with the Lazy Garlic!!!!

Love till next time





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  4. Thanks Cleopatra Im glad you enjoyed my writing. Everyday life just tends to inspire my posts. Feel free to sign up for my newsletter to receive a free gift! Tricia

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    • Eva on May 2, 2012 at 4:11 pm
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    I did not realize what you were up to when I started reading your post. It hit me bang on my face. Here I am, eager to lose weight but not ready to put in any hard work. Your post has literally opened my eyes. I have created an action plan for myself and will surely lose weight now.

    1. Good Luck Eva. We all get to the point in our lives when we want to make the change. He won’t happen until we reach this point!

    • Kathy on May 3, 2012 at 12:15 pm
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    We all have lazy-garlics around us. People who only complain about things but never do anything to change them. People who daydream but do not get up and make their life a reality. This behavior is very infectious. We should guard against it otherwise we all will be waiting for lazy garlic and never find it.

    • Jessica on May 3, 2012 at 1:37 pm
    • Reply

    You have an interesting way of teaching life’s important secrets. I was amused by this story about lazy garlic and the moral behind it. Kudos to you for presenting such a vital lesson so humbly.

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  8. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments. I know sometimes I speak in riddles but the point becomes clear as you read on. Hope you all enjoy my style of writing! God Bless!

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  11. Have you considered including a few social bookmarking links to these blogs. At the very least for bebo.

    1. Thanks I will do!

  12. I loved this post. I just found you over on Pinterest. It made me laugh because I do a lot of research for my blog teaching people how to live toxin free and more natural lives. I did one on peeling garlic in a super easy way. I know your question was much more philosophical than practical but it does speak about who we are. I’m really trying to do everything from scratch. We don’t buy mixes or stuff with names we can’t pronounce anymore. I find my blogging encourages me to be more diligent since I’m encouraging my readers to be. Do you find that too?

    1. Hi
      Yes I certainly find blogging keeps me on track. It makes you accountable to yourself aswell as others. I will pop over and have a look at your blog.

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