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Apr 10

Its your success everyone else can get lost

Its your success everyone else can get lost

Turn off That Television!!!!!!!

steps to success

steps to success

Now were getting serious:  You always gets more of what you focus on!!

Ok now Im getting deadly serious now.  This is the time to take your success by the throat.   We have talked about making change in your life, BUT nothing is going to change if you don’t put the work in that is needed.

Once you decide that enough is enough, and have written your goals and dealt with your weaknesses, then the next step is to manifest your dreams into reality

Dont forget its your success

One thing you must do and do right now is decide that you are going to FOCUS on your goals and nothing else.  Of course you don’t need to neglect your family, but you do need to comprise the time you are wasting on trivial things, when your success manifests itself then everyone in your household will have a better standard of living.

Success takes time, how much do you have??

  1.  Turn off the television.  Yes you do need to know what is going on in the world but once you have seen the headlines TURN IT OFF!!  Eastenders, Coronation St and Emmerdale are not going to help you to achieve the goals you have listed.  There is not enough time in the day as there is so why waste it???

Do you know that the average British person spends a whole twenty four hours a week on the sofa watching telly.  Imagine if you used this time towards work towards your goals you will get there a lot quicker. Agreed??

  1. Mobile Phone/Internet.   Ok so you need your mobile for work!  Do you need to be on the phone in the evening for an hour though discussing something you saw in the street today, or what so and so, said to someone.  Now I know all the men are thinking at this point ‘only women gossip’ BUT I’m telling you that I have worked in a male environment for a lot of years and you lot are JUST AS BAD as us girlies, when it comes to a bit of scandal.

Then there is emailing, facebook , twitter etc.  Set yourself  a limit to the time you spend on these things especially is you like gaming. PS3, X Box etc.  May be you are unaware of just how time you spend on these things.  Time yourself.  My son at the age of eighteen only realised how long he had spent on his PS3, when I sent him a text in the middle of the night telling him that I had been noting how long he spent on his game that week, and so far he had clocked up 36 hours.   He never said a word but put the game away under his bed and only took it out now and again!

Answering Blackberry messages and playing with Apps on your phone can take up hours of your week.


turn it off!

If you want your life to change then tell your friends that your are focusing on achieving your goals and will not be taking their calls, or be speaking too long on the phone for the next couple of months.  Good friends will respect you and understand, the ones that don’t stuff them, its not their life  ITS YOURS!!

Now It’s Time to Focus on Those Goals!

  1. Listen to inspirational stuff, cds MP3,s . Watch DVDs and read books about other people who have made a change in their lives.  Be inspired by them and get excited.  Get so excited that you are going to bed late and getting up early just to pursue your dreams.
  2. Friends.  As I mentioned before tell your friends what your doing.  Don’t give them too much information, just tell them that you are making some big changes in your life and not to be offended but you wont have as much time for them this year.  If they are true friends they will tell you to ‘go for it’ and offer to help in anyway they can.  Be wary of going into too much information as this can be held against you.  They might even try to discourage you.  These so called ‘friends’ are trying to bring you back to their level, they are scared that you will rise above them.

I personally had a mixed reaction.  Some friends told others I had become ‘ weird’and some complained that I was no fun anymore.  Do you think that these people were helping me .  NO  they were not respecting my choice to better my life they just wanted me to remain STUCK like them.

Let Me Focus On My Dream and Goals!

One friend jealous of others success and attempting to sabotage her focus

WATCH THE COMPANY YOU KEEP!  This is absolutely true, sometimes I would ring my own mother and tell her of my latest plans.  I would hear her voice change and she would start to go into the ‘in’s and outs of why I shouldn’t do something.  Well you can imagine how that made me feel when I was on a high, I would soon lose all my motivation SO…..  Sorry Mum BUT…. I would take the phone away from my ear , until she had finished her well intentional advice…. Or I would pretend I had no signal and couldn’t hear and cut her off!!!!  (HOPE SHE’s NOT READING THIS)..  If I had listened I now wouldn’t be writing to you or running a successful business helping other people make the changes I did.

So be careful what you tell your friends and don’t allow them to knock you off your focus by saying things like’ go on have a treat’,’ you deserve a break’.  Just because they want  a night out.  They are not thinking of you.  Ever tried to give up smoking or go on a diet??  All of a sudden all your smoking friends want you to have one of their fags or buy you a cream cake.  WHY.  SABOTAGE.. Makes them feel better about their own weaknesses if they can make you give up on your dreams too….

So there we have it FOCUS and DON’T GIVE UP FOCUSING until you achieve what you set out to achieve, and it you lose a few friends along the way, were they really your friends in the first place.

Take Care





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