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May 01

What are goals in life? Become relentless in your pursuit of success!

What is your goal?

What is your goal?

Are you in pursuit of your success?  What are your goals in life?  

Become Relentless:

Decide what you want from life by setting yourself goals (I will cover goal setting in another week)

Once you have decided what you want from life and you are absolutely certain then become RELENTLESS in pursuing your dreams.


Fight for your succeess,

You will all of a sudden come across obstacles and difficulties that will pop out of nowhere, but once you accept that is this is all part of life’s cycle, just push the obstacles out of your way.  If you cant push them out of the way then find another way round.  Whatever you do become RELENTLESS, nothing must be allowed to get in your way.

This doesn’t mean that you should become ruthless by ignoring your family or losing your morals and principles.  It just means that you will be willing to take on all challenges that come in front of you whilst in pursuit of your goal.

Don’t give up because it gets hard, keep the goal in your head..

It would be the easy option to give up and decide that what you want is not possible.  Other people will try and convince you of this.  Don’t start allowing your little devil on your shoulder to whisper things in your ear.  ‘Your rubbish’, ‘You don’t know what your doing you idiot’!  NO, FIGHT IT!!!

Tell yourself that difficulties will come and go but if you don’t try you will never know if you would have succeeded or not!

Most people give up at the first hurdle or even worse the last hurdle just before they would have succeeded.  Do you think if they knew that if they had just kept trying that their dream was just one most difficulty round the corner, they would have given up.  OF COURSE NOT!!!

They would have seen it through to the end…

That’s the way you have to think:  What if my dream is just over the horizon and I give up now???


Don’t Decide to do it, Resolve to do it….

Don’t DECIDE that you are going to have everything you dreamed of.. RESOLVE to have everything you dreamed of..

RESOLVE is a much stronger more determined word.

Try it….

I have DECIDED that I am going to have a big house in the south of France by the time I’m thirty!

Now try the same sentence using the word RESOLVE…

I RESOLVE that I am going to have a big house in the south of France by the time I’m thirty!

Well I think you are much more likely to achieve your dream if you speak like this.  It sort of gives your brain no choice but to do it.


So today’s tip is become relentless in your pursuit of your dreams and don’t give up what ever comes in your way (which believe me will happen).

Take the hard road in life ‘so what’ its more rewarding when you reach the end!


Take Care





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    • Pat on May 2, 2012 at 2:52 pm
    • Reply

    Yes I agree totally we all have that little voice in our head, that attempts to tell us we can’t do something. If we just learn to push through we make the goal in the end! Fantastic writing, very good read! Do you have any books written that I can purchase?

    1. Thank you Pat for the lovely words.
      To answer your question I am in the process of writing a book. I will keep you informed. In the meantime maybe you would like a sample of my work by signing up for the newsletter. In return you will receive a five part course I have written called “Change Your Finances Overnight”!

      Thanks again for your nice comment

  1. I love this post, and your blog! I’m signing up for your newsletter. Thanks for visiting my blog, and for mentioning my post! I look forward to sharing more, and learning more…

    Thanks again for the mention and the inspiration.


    1. Thanks Marti, Hope you enjoy the free gift!

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