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E Mail Series: "Signs You Are Ready To Change Your Life!"

An email series 'Signs You Are Ready To Change Your Life'!   A five part email series delivered daily, clearly explaining the signs that you are ready to change your life, and how to spot them


Im Ready!

A Weekly Newsletter "The Motivation Station!"

A weekly newsletter giving you tools and strategies to improve and help you to change your life.  Full of motivation!

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"The Kick Butt Club!"

This group has been formed to encourage and motivate others to achieve their goals. This is a closed group so don't forget anything you write on here wont show up on your personal profile.

Deciding to change your life  for the better and create the life of your dreams can be a lonely place. You may lose all your friends as they can't bear to watch you grow away from them. They may try to drag you back
This group if for like minded people to  support each other through this change. Openly setting goals in front of a group who will help you to be accountable for your actions. Encouraging you when not everything goes to plan, and celebrating with you to motivate you to continue pushing forward towards your dreams.

For those of you further along the pathway to your personal success this group is for you to help others with your wisdom and your story. This will show  others that anyone can create change in their life, whatever their background. Enjoy the group!


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