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Apr 16

Money I Need it! Or do You?

Money Do I Need It?


Money How much do you Need it?

All of us dream of the day when we will be financially secure and free from debt.  We often believe that this will never happen in our lifetime.
But it is possible….
Lets begin.

What is money and how much do you need??

We all know that all money is, just a piece of paper that is exchanged for goods or services.  It’s like an IOU.  When you spend the money you pass on the IOU to the next person and so on..
Now  what if I offered you One Million Pounds???. Would you say yes (even though it’s just bits of paper)?  Of course you would because you can exchange all these bits of paper for more goods and services.
What would you spend it on??
How about a luxury car, that should set you back at least £40,000.  But what if you had it kitted out with all the latest gadgets, leather seats, bigger alloys, sat nav, mp3 player (the latest), dvd players for the kids, a customized paint job and maybe a special coating to stop corrosion.  Well that’s £50,000 now before you know it.
Now you need somewhere to live, so we’ll say you purchase a nice five bedroom house in the south east.  (Not London all you million would be gone).  Maybe a pool and a beautiful kitchen, that’s leads onto a large garden at least 100 foot long.  Beautiful trees and a long fifty foot lawn surrounded by flower beds.  Of course you will need more furniture and a completely different style of furniture.  Your old suite £500 three piece suite really does not look good in your huge lounge.  The bed looks dwarfed in the huge bedrooms.  You will need more towels and toilet rolls you have three bathrooms and an en-suite to stock.
What about a luxury holiday while you look at the estate agents details on your dream house.  Of course you will have to take all your family and your in laws (or they will moan about you being tight).  How much is this lot going to cost you ???  You are a millionaire after all so everyone will expect you to pay for everything and they will want what they normally couldn’t have…

How much as your money bought so far?

Beginning to feel the pinch yet????
Well lets have a look  so far you have bought:


  • Your dream houseMoney I Need It
  • A luxury home with all the fittings
  • A holiday for you and the in-laws, no expenses spared..
  • How about a new wardrobe?  You can’t expect to be wandering around in those old rags,  your worth a million now!!!

Want to know how much you’ve spent so far???

Well at a rough calculation about £630,000.

Can you believe it,  You only have £370,000 left.  Of course we have not taken into consideration interest on your million, but this just to prove a point.

We have forgotten all the little extras.  The kids will all want their own laptops and the latest bikes.

What about your household bills and having the pool cleaned.  Your going to need a ride-on lawnmower for that fifty foot lawn.  I hope you have a strong back digging all those flower beds and pruning all those trees.

What is my point here…..

My point is this.

Is a Million Pounds enough?????

The answer quite simply is no.. Not to a MILLIONAIRE.

Let me explain what I mean.  Whatever money we have is never enough.  We tend to live by our means.  At different times in my life I have shopped at Aldi, Netto, Asda and Sainsburys.  Lets be honest here we would all like to be able to buy the whole weeks shop in Marks and Spencer.

The more money you have your financial burdens don’t become less they just change for other burdens (sometimes bigger).

What I want you to come away after reading this is that you realise that money is not going to solve all of lives problems.  Yes it will give you security and stability.  It will also allow you to have the finer things in life that you could never afford.  Maybe a lovely holiday because you have worked solidly for the last few years and haven’t been able to afford a break.

Once you grasp the point that money will not change the way you are living.  Only you can do that!!  It will not give you peace of mind.  You have to create that feeling within yourself.

Once you have grasped these principles you will start to grow and feel good about your situation (whatever it is).  You will start to find other ways to deal with financial problems.

Sometimes we are so concerned about where the next penny is coming from that we don’t give our brain time and space to think of a solution.

Is it wrong to want a Million Pounds ??

Absolutely Not!!!!!

I want you to want the absolute best.  Nothing is too much.  Aspire to be the absolute best that you can be.  In fact the whole point of my message is don’t  wait for it to happen.  Make it happen.

Use every waking hour planning how you are going to improve your finances instead of being overwhelmed by the bills.. Stop thinking about how poor you are and start thinking about how rich you are entitled to be.  Don’t sit wallowing in self pity about your mate whose does nothing and earns ten times as much as you.  Start thinking that if he can do it What’s stopping you.

Human beings are all made from the same stuff.  Yes we are brought up in different environments and with different parents and in different cultures.. But we all have the same capabilities.

I read about a young man called Art Berg ,he was only a young man  when was involved in a terrible car crash which left him completely paralysed.  At first he felt low, but when he came to the realisation that he would never be able to move again he accepted it and got on with his life.  In fact he became a millionaire.   Now he could have sat  in his wheelchair and moaned about his neighbour who could walk earning more than him but he didn’t.  He concentrated on what he could do for himself and not on what everyone else was doing.

Maybe you were brought up not to be greedy, or want more than your fair share.  Don’t you think that if you made a lot of money you would be willing to help other people who were just like you or worse.  Is your mind set for poverty.   Do you live from week to week.   I known I used to.

Working for someone else was like being on the dole and getting your cheque each week, trying to make it last until the following week.  Using less gas and turning off lights towards the end of the week to make the money last.  Maybe you haven’t had to live like this but maybe the interest rate went up and your wages stayed the same, now you are worried you cant pay your mortgage.  We all have money problems in different degrees.

The time now is to stop thinking about the debts and start concentrating on the abundance and prosperity you can create.  The more you think about the lack of money the less time you will spend on thought of making and holding onto money.

Here’s an example.  Have you ever been really broke and know you need a lump sum or your going to be in difficulty??  Then you have £50 left and you decide to go and blow it on a meal or a new pair of shoes??   Why did you do that?  You needed that money??  The answer is that your living with the attitude that well I’m already broke ‘so what the hell’.  Your concentrating on your poverty and not the abundant life you could have.   I’ve done it.  Many  times.  Gone mad and bought a load of new cushions which made me feel better at the time but I had to live on beans and eggs until next payday.

Once you start thinking wealthy you start drawing wealth towards you.  Don’t ignore your debts but concentrate on making money and not where your losing it.  Think like you are worth more.  Don’t accept your lot.  Sit down and decide what you want from you.  The way you are living now is not the way you have to be.  It does not mean this is your future,  start by giving your brain the time to come up with solutions.  Write down everything even if it seems silly.  This is how I started in business by focusing on what I could change and not what I had no control over.  As soon as set myself some goals and gave my mind something to look forward to and focus on.  My life changed……

And so can yours…

Next time we will be looking at ways to tackle debt.  As you know it is hard to concentrate on anything if you owe money.

Look forward to speaking to you next week

Keep your ‘chin up’.





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    • Martina on May 2, 2012 at 4:14 pm
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    It all begins with attitude. We should inculcate the attitude of a winner and we can become a winner. We should convince ourselves that we are capable of doing much better and really do it.

    • Samantha on May 3, 2012 at 12:17 pm
    • Reply

    Fake it till you make it. That should be the mantra. By acting like a wealthy person, we can actually become wealthy. It all lies in our mindset and the way we perceive each other. We should think of ourselves as potential achievers.

  2. Good information. Kudos to you for writing this. I will check back to see what other information you post

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  5. Just discovered this blog thru Google, what a pleasant surprise!

    • Anne on May 11, 2014 at 7:15 pm
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    Hi Tricia, really interesting post. The idea of poverty of thought is really powerful, that we can make choice in how we respond to our own personal circumstances, to be aware of our thoughts, take positive steps to deal with the here and now, at the sametime beinqg aware of where we want to be in the futured. To me it’s being positive, looking for lots of options and noticing the small opportunities. Thanks for writing about this.

    1. Thanks for the comment Anne.

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