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Apr 23

If you fall off your bike, do you just get back on?

fail succeed

One determined little girl!

What’s your Failure rate?

Having not been at work for the last couple of weeks due to an injury, I have been trying to catch up on a few things, I wouldn’t normally have time for.  One of these being teaching my seven-year old to ride a bike.

I bought the poor child a bike at Xmas and up until now have never taken her out on it!  I suppose to be honest I was avoiding the situation as I knew that learning to ride a bike with only two wheels is not easy, and I was anticipating cuts and bruises, not to mention tears.


Determined that we were going to succeed

Well we took the bike out of the shed, after removing several other objects off the top first.  Dusted it down and then took it through the house to the front garden.  Here we hit our first obstacle. Flat tyres!!  Wouldnt you just know it!

After trailing round to various of our neighbours houses ( with the bike as Keshwan insisted we bring it!  Dont ask me why???) for a bike pump, we had to go to the shop and buy one!

I wanted to give up at this point but Keshwan was going on and on so I gave in.

Off we go at last

With the tyres pumped we made it as far as the front gate and the heavens opened which meant we had to retreat back inside the house.  Now there was tears as I explained that we would wait for it to stop raining.

At this point I just wanted a cup of tea and a sit down.  Our one hour lesson was now going into its fourth hour and no-one had even sat on the saddle yet!!

The rain lessened and I was nagged into going outside. So we trundled down the road to the local basketball court, where the lesson would begin.

Now this is where it gets interesting!

I tried to do the usual parent thing of explaining that bike riding is all about balance and held the back of the saddle as we she tried to pedal in a straight line.  Well bless her!!  She couldn’t even get the pedals in a full circle without putting her feet on the floor.

Eventually she became bored with my lectures on balance and insisted that I sat down, while she attempted to get her feet on the pedals at least.

I sat on the basketball court leaning against the basket ball ring.  It was raining and I was cold.

For the next hour I watched that little girl, put her foot on the pedal and try to push away from the ground.  She never managed to get both feet from the ground for very long.

She continued over and over again, never stopping and grinning ever time she manage to rotate the wheels at least once.

By this point I was soaked and my bum had gone to sleep from sitting on the concrete.  I had to cheer and give enthusiastic praise as and when it was needed.

First thing I know was when the bike ran me over

That little girl didn’t stop, she fell off, scraped her shins and the first I knew she was riding the bike is when she came hurtling towards me, shouting  ‘How do I turn Mummy’?  Crash !!  Straight in to me minding my own business.

“You did it”!  I said as we dis-entangled ourselves.  We fell on the floor in fits of giggles at this point.

Do you know, that little girl learnt to ride her bike within one hour of first ever getting on a bike!

We could learn a lot from her!

Not at any point did she complain or whine.  She fell off at least twenty times, but she just Got Back On!

Do you Get Back On your bike when you fall off?

Do you moan about not being able to do something you have never done before?

Maybe you moan about the weather or the enviroment.

Do you give up at the first hurdle or do you look for a solution.

There are lessons to be learnt from one determined little girl.

No matter what the odds, or how hard it seems, or the fact you have never done it before!





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    • Robin Arthur on May 1, 2012 at 5:37 pm
    • Reply

    As a young lawyer, I was asked to go to court to defend an elderly man who lived on his own. His landlords were wanting to force him to leave his home of many years and force him to go into an old folks home. The daughter of one of the landlords was expecting a baby and had nowhere to live. The law appeared to be against my client.

    I felt very sorry for him, and worked for many hours and found a case which said that if their were two or more owners that the family of both owners had to be suffering hardship.

    When I went to court the next day both the barrister and the judge were persuaded by my researches and I was rewarded that my persistence had saved my clients from eviction.

    My persistence paid off and I felt thrilled that my hard work and not giving up had acting in my favour.
    My reward was the smile on my clients face.

    I will be interested to read your further posts!


    Therefore I find your post inspiring and rings very true with me.

    1. Thanks Robin what a lovely story. Glad you enjoyed my work!

    • Pat on May 4, 2012 at 11:32 am
    • Reply

    What a lovely story! Your little girl seemed very determined. My husband and I enjoy reading your posts a great deal. I hope you manage to help the people out there to realise that there is a way out of any situation with hard work and determination! Keep up your good work! Pat

    1. Thank you Pat. If I can help one person realise that their life can be so much better then I will be content.

    • Annie on May 4, 2012 at 11:34 am
    • Reply

    Hi, this was such a cute story about determination. I have found the same in life that if you just keep going at something you eventually get success! Lovely work! p.s. I joined your subscription list and your course is great! Thanks Annie

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