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Jun 17

What Is The Coaching Life Like For The Coach?

What Is The Coaching Life Like For The Coach?

What Is The Coaching Life Like For The Coach?The coaching life I’m sure is very different for different coaches, but I can only comment on mine.  So here is a little insight into my day and my coaching life.

I wake at five a.m..  Yes I do!  Now I know there may be some of you that are cringing at the thought of getting up this early but I love it.

If you lived in our house you would know that everyone is awake at different times.  My son who is twenty one suffers from insomnia, so it is not uncommon for him to go to sleep in the small hours, as I wake.  My nine year old wakes up around seven, so I get a couple of hours to myself.

If my son, or nineteen year old daughter (who sleeps most of the day, unless it’s a university day) are at home.  I will take the opportunity to go to the gym.  My gym opens at five thirty which is great.  I can be in and out in a hour and a half and there’s no crush for the equipment.

I had to consider this gym membership as it was a fifteen minute drive for me, but because it opens so early I found this to be more productive than the gym that is at the end of my road and opens at seven.  If I worked out at seven I would have to rush to get my daughter to school.

Well more about my coaching Life……….

I like to coach, no more than three clients a day as this means I can give the client my full attention, and don’t suffer from overwhelm.  Coaches that value the transformation of their clients like to be fully present when they are having a coaching session.  This gives the client the best result and a good return on their investment.

I spread my coaching over my day as my clients come from different time zones, and at the moment can’t be pushed into specific time slots that suit just me.  In the future I intend to block out times in the day that are just for coaching.  This will enable me to pray (which is part of my ritual) that I can be of service to my clients for the day.  I like to give my clients my full attention’ and feel that something has shifted in them at the end of our session.  This is not possible if my mind is elsewhere. I do most of my coaching via skype, and the telephone, as this fits in well with most of my clients needs.  There are days when I hire a room and do VIP days, when I am out of the house all day.

I spend a couple of hours a day on my social media and marketing and networking.  I spend a lot of time writing programs, and articles to do with coaching  and workshops.

In the evenings I stay at home with my family in the week, and I do some coaching sessions in the evening as well.  My Dad has Alzheimer’s disease and this me means a lot of phone calls in the day, to sort him out.  He also comes to my house for two half days a week.  I don’t really watch television, but it can be on in the background.  I learnt that I am not productive if the television is on, and so I turned it off several years ago.  It was one of the best things I did.  My day is much more productive now.

If you want something from life then you really need to look  at where you are wasting time and energy that you can re-direct.  You will be amazed at the difference it makes.

In the evening I like to read books on subjects to do with coaching or autobiographies of people who have become successful in their own lives.  This keeps my level of education at a high standard and the auto biographies keep me motivated with my own dreams.

Sunday is family day.  Alternate weekends I have my granddaughter.  On the other weekend my eldest daughter takes my youngest, so I have time to catch up.  This helps both of us.  I can work on my weekend of babysitting, and she can go clubbing when its my turn.  I think that maybe she got her priorities right and I m missing out somewhere.  There again that’s what being a grandmother is all about.

In amongst all this I have time to cook, clean,wash and help with home work and hair brushing (my daughter has very thick long curly hair).  Oh yes and I’m bombarded with questions such as “What’s for dinner Mum” and “have you seen my blue t-shirt”.  Normal Mum stuff.

Well that’s my coaching life in a nutshell.  I love to coach people to achieve their dreams.  Just as I have done.  I cant tell you what a wonderful feeling I get when clients tell me how working with me has changed their life.  I went into coaching hoping to prevent someone, anyone, from feeling that their life was never going to change, that they were stuck with what they had.  I have become the person that helps them to realise that nothing is impossible, and to help them to believe in their abilities.  This is the best feeling in the world.  I love my coaching life.

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