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Jun 04

What Is Health Coaching?

What is health coaching

What Is Health Coaching? Health coaching is: Very similar to life coaching but the coach will either be specialized or hold a qualification in health and wellness coaching. The coaching sessions will be directed to setting and taking action towards improving and achieving the clients health issues Why would health coaching assist me? Most coaches …

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Jun 03

Should I Use A Life Coach Online?

Should I use a Life Coach Online

Should I Use A Life Coach Online?? A Life coach online can be an invaluable tool to your transformation. A Life Coach Online can be a lot more reasonable investment than a face to face life coach Here are some of the main reasons for having a Life Coach Online: You can use any life …

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May 31

How Do I Know I Need A Life Coach?

How do I know I need a life coach?

How Do I Know I Need A Life Coach?? Do any of the following resonate with you?  If so then you could need a life coach! Your Life will be better when…. You ……win the lottery/lose weight/move house……. Life has brought you to your knees Cant communicate with others Frustrated at how your life has …

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May 31

What Is Life Coaching?

What is Life Coaching?

What Is Life Coaching?   You may have asked yourself, What is Life Coaching? The best kind of relationship where the coach guides the client to create the life of their dreams. A relationship where the coach collaborates and supports the client to move towards their goals The coach encourages the client to get from …

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Dec 09

Do You Have The X Factor? Or Do You Have Success Factors?

  Do You Have The X Factor? Or Do You Have Success Factors?   You don’t need to be the X Factor, You need to use your Success Factors.   I don’t know if your the sort of person to watch the X factor, but here in the UK it is very popular.  I personally …

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Dec 03

Quotes on Success

Quotes on Success

Quotes on Success  

May 01

What are goals in life? Become relentless in your pursuit of success!

What is your goal?

Are you in pursuit of your success?  What are your goals in life?   Become Relentless: Decide what you want from life by setting yourself goals (I will cover goal setting in another week) Once you have decided what you want from life and you are absolutely certain then become RELENTLESS in pursuing your dreams. …

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Apr 30

It’s your mountain to climb. How are you going to succeed!

Mountain how to succeed

How to succeed despite all the mountains you may have to climb!! I was  in church a couple of years ago and the pastor told a great motivational story.  I thought I would share with you. There was a group of youngsters climbing a mountain for charity.  None of them had met before and were …

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Apr 27

Is your life a ‘lazy garlic’ life, or do you like to prepare the garlic yourself?

Is your life lazy garlic?

What kind of life do you lead, or have you led in the past? You may think I’ve gone mad, but no!  I was at mothers house the other  day and I spotted a jar called ‘Lazy Garlic’.. She also had one called ‘Lazy Ginger’! Well those jars inspired todays blog post about making those changes in …

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Apr 23

If you fall off your bike, do you just get back on?

fail succeed

What’s your Failure rate? Having not been at work for the last couple of weeks due to an injury, I have been trying to catch up on a few things, I wouldn’t normally have time for.  One of these being teaching my seven-year old to ride a bike. I bought the poor child a bike …

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