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Mar 26

You need to ‘be the change’ in your life.

Come on be the change you want….


Apologies to anyone who has tried to click on the link to my website.  It is now up and running……

I am a bit of a martyr and didn’t want any help producing it, therefore  I have taken longer than most but…..

I did it all myself!!!!

I consider that now I am in control of everything on it.

Feel free to have a look, hopefully I can help you to change your life, as I did, using the tools I provide.

I spent years hoping that my life would change.  I was tired, depressed and felt frustrated with my lot.  I always thought that the change would come and someone else would cause it.  It was about six years ago that I discovered that I need to………

Be the Change……

……in my life.  No one else was going to solve the problems that I had created.  I started reading books on the subject and listening to audio.  I looked very closely at the company I was keeping and made steps towards the change I so craved.

I can honestly say life has never been the same.  It did change when I made the concious desicion to change myself first.  I needed to be the chnge in my life and I would like to help you on the same journey.

If you want to Change Your Life           

be the change


then feel free to read my posts, comment and make suggestions of anything you would like to see.  Its all about learning to be content with the life you have now, while you work on the life you really want.


Life doesn’t have to be as it is now.  Things can change in an instant, if you take control and make the decision to make the change,  then everything starts to fall into place.

Set yourself some simple goals today, that you want to achieve by the end of the month.  Once you have done this and you keep reading them every day, you will find that your mind starts looking for ways to achieve them.

Sounds too good to be true, but it works!!  Its just a case of ‘setting your mind to it’.  You will find that even the most impossible things start to become possible if you make it a goal, and break it down into small achievable chunks.

Here’s the best bit….

Do what you hate first.  Do the most tedious things, or the things you have been putting off the longest first.  This way its over and done, and then everything else seems easy.  You wont believe once you start, how easy it was!  All the time you wasted worrying about  it.

Go on get writing that list and have a look at posts as and when I write them.  Feel free to join me on social media by clicking on one of the icons on the right.

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  1. Please email me with some tips about how you made this website look this awesome , Id appreciate it!

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