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Tricia Provost

Tricia Provost

Who is Tricia?


Welcome to my About  Me page.  Thanks for taking the time to read about my life in more depth.  I am sure that you didn’t just stumble on this page  but you were looking for something just as I was six years ago…..

So here’s the answer..


My name is Tricia Provost and I live in Bedfordshire, U.K.

I have four children aged between twenty-nine and eleven.  I also have a granddaughter who is six.

I like reading, going to the gym, dancing around in the front room, cooking and spending time with my family and having a laugh.

Pet Hates:  When people get water in my rubber gloves, tomatoes, rude people and ignorance.

Inspirations:  Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Duncan Bannatyne, Alan Sugar and My Mum.


My life is no different from anyone else’s really…


Well what more shall I say? ………

I was born in 1969 which makes me 46,  (and proud of it)!

My mother  brought me up on her own for the first four years of my life.  She met  and married my step-father when I was five.

Despite being bright and found school work easy, I became rebellious and managed to leave school with no exam results (due to the fact, I never went to the exams) and the worst late record in my year.  (I was proud of it at the time!)  As with most teenagers I did not understand that the lack of education would make my life harder as I became older.

I moved in with my childhood sweetheart at a young age and we went on to have four lovely children.

After several years of a violent relationship, I decided that enough was enough.   So myself and my four children moved on.

My Life Changed….    I had been lost..

Now this is the point where everything changed…..

My Life was Lost

Lost or found?

I decided that enough was enough..

I was reaping what I had sown, in my life..

My life had turned out the way it had because of the bad choices I had made..

Here comes the rebellious streak in me again..

I was not going to’ let the ba…….ards, get me down’ (my mother’s favourite phrase)


I instantly became the strong minded, wilful, rebellious entrepreneurial   person I had been as a youngster.  I decided that no longer was I going to let anyone or anything get on top of me again.

And I didn’t….. this was my life and I had choices, I had just taken the wrong ones so far..

From that point onwards any problem that occurred I dealt with it in a different manner.  I stopped looking at problems in the same way, and saw them as opportunities..  I had been left with a lot of debt,  so took the next two years working sixty to seventy hours a week to clear it.


It certainly hasn’t been easy but my attitude was different.  Despite my life being harder I never (and haven’t since)   suffered  from depression since.

Don’t get me wrong at this point….

Life certainly wasn’t  easier, I had just changed my life overnight.  I was living in a different way.  I started actively seeking other sources of information, (this is what your doing now by reading this)  in the form of books and cds.    I listened to and put into practice everything I heard and saw and made the decision that my life was going to change.

My Job was getting on top of me

My job (as a bus driver) was getting on top of  me . Passengers are extremely rude and abusive.  You leave work at the end of the day with a blinding headache and an extremely bad attitude.    Needless to say that being a bus driver has certainly toughened me up.

I increasingly  became annoyed with my friends,  they all appeared to be out of work and couldn’t  understand my work ethic.  I also found that my work colleagues (most of them) had been in the industry for years and didn’t consider there to be a better life outside the bus depot.  They were content with ‘their lot’

So how did I get where I am today..?

I started to realise that by no means was I different or a failure.  I had succeeded in many aspects of my life where others had failed.  Anything life had thrown at me I had dealt with.  I have never looked back.  Opportunities started to come to me.. My colleagues at work said they noticed something different about me, what was it ???  Someone   asked  me  would I be willing to help other people to do what I had done and they suggested  I might find it rewarding.  Other  people that were struggling or felt that they were getting nowhere in life and frustrated.

I felt this is was I was meant to do.  To help other people (maybe you) who were seeking to better the quality of their lives in the way I had.  I researched long and hard for tools that would help other people in the same way as me.   Books on  the subjects that had helped me to turn my life around.  Learning  tools  that in the right hands would produce great results, just as in my own life.

Don’t get  me  wrong , there is work involved but you can change your life overnight if you are willing to persist and work towards a rewarding and fulfilling existence.

I now work half the hours I used to five years ago I am not a millionaire by any means but I am debt free.   My home life is much improved.  I have time to spend with my family and the quality of our lives is much better…

Nothing much gets me down and problems (which still arise) are accepted and dealt with instead of dwelling on them.  Problems are opportunities in disguise!

What  About  You????????……….

I want to help you to do the same.   I have made it my mission to help others, to  help  themselves as I have done.  Believe me when I say if you put into practice what you learn you will not look back.  You may even find yourself   wondering  ‘ why didn’t I do this years ago’?  One thing you will find that is very  common, is that most people have to hit rock bottom before they want to change their life.  This can be in your twenties, thirties, forties  or older.  It happens to us all at some point though.  Are you at that stage now?  Let me help you…

I am a qualified Master Life Coach with the American Union of NLP andwith the Animas Institute, I am  further qualified as a Personal Transformation Coach  passing with a merit . I am a member of The Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants. (APCTC). I also am a Health and Wellness Coach, with further qualifications in group coaching, business coaching and running workshops.

I now have a coaching practice and work with clients to inspire and empower them to conquer their fears and create the life of their dreams.accreditation banner

I coach over the phone or skype and run regular workshops.  Please go over to my 1-2-1 COACHING page if you wish to have 121 coaching with me.



Good Luck with your future, I hope that the information that I have researched for  you will help you to Change Your Life Overnight, to Drive Your Dreams and give you the ‘tools to your success’!

God Bless


  Feel free to contact me,   I would love some feedback.



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    I loved that….very inspiring message.

    Good Luck

    1. Thank you Newman, Im glad you enjoyed it!

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